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Infrared control candles TKL-01F

Product description:
1, Environmental protection, energy conservation, LED products, 

2, With a AA battery or rechargeable batteries

3. With green clip Placing convenience, can be used clip caught on the Christmas tree 

 4. Control distance is 3 meters, a remote can control many pieces candles,Customers can start With one set and can buy more and all candles can be adjust with one remote.

5. Suitable for all occasions, such as wine bar, family  gatherings , birthday celebration, the festive ornaments, particularly on the Christmas holiday lights. With many candles formed various forms at the same time use the remote control, very spectacular.

6, Batteries long working hours, an AA batteries can be use over 180 hours continuous lighting (5-7 days),and the standby time over 100 days, No need replace the battery during the Christmas holiday period, have no worries fully enjoy the festive atmosphere to relax.

Main features:Candle controlled by “ON” / ” OFF” button. When press “ON” once, the LED lighting is little glimmering, then if you press the "ON" button twice continuous, LED lighting become big glimmering, then if you press the "ON" button five seconds continuous, it will change into  constant light. Repeat above step.  Anytime, when press “OFF” button, the LED lighting out.

1.      The candles factor
1, The operating voltage: 1PC 1.5V  AA  Alkaline battery or AAA NiMH rechargeable battery
2, The current: the largest 20 MA
3, Standby current: 0.5 UA
4, The Working Time: > 180 hours
5, Standby time:> 100 days
6. The distance by control: 3m
7, CE approval
 The remote control factor:
1. working voltage: 3 V DC(2*AAA  alkaline battery or AAA NiMH rechargeable battery..)
2. Standtime: one year
3. CE approval
1.       Cannot as a toy play by child
2.       If no use long time, pls remove the batteries.

When the light is gloom or the control is not dexterity, pls change the batteries.

Product Price: 1000
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